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English Writing Classes

Do you struggle with writing in English?BookCover chuphone照片方式 314x381

Do you find it easy to talk with people in English, but hard to put your ideas on paper (or computer)?

Are your writing skills holding you back on the job or in school?

If so, please know that these difficulties are normal, and we can help you!


Below are some of our most popular writing classes. Contact Scott today--these writing classes often sell out quickly!



English Writing-5

Fri. 8:00-8:50 pm



English Writing-8 

Tue. 9:00-9:50 pm (Bilingual students) 

中学英语写作课-8 國一到國三線上指導,

週二晚上9:00-9:50   雙語 / 外國學生


English Writing-9 Grades 8-12 

Thur., 8:00-8:50 pm (Bilingual students) 


國二到高三線上指導,週四,晚上8:00-8:50(雙語 /外國學生)





girlswritingAs the author of the award-winning Write like a Champion 美國老師教你寫出好英文, I have been helping children through adults improve their English writing skills since 1989. Also, since I speak Chinese, I know the common problem areas that Chinese speakers have when writing in English. Areas where I can help you include: business emails and reports, presentations, homework essays, college application essays, SAT® and TOEFL® writing, technical English, resumes, theses, etc.

For many years I have edited technical papers and theses for professors at National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao-tung University, China Steel Corporation, the Industrial and Technical Research Institute (ITRI), among many other clients.

There are two ways we can help you.

  1. Join a writing class, where we teach you writing skills, assign you a topic to write, and then edit it in real-time during class.
  2. Write papers and email them to us, and we send them back to you with suggestions, edits, etc. All our suggestions are designed to help you be a better writer.

Contact Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  today to ask about how we can help you write better!

透過與 Scott 在 Skype 線上教學的過程,快速讓我學到如何主持一個正式會議,獲益匪淺!大力推薦給所有想學真正美式英語的朋友們! By taking an online Skype class with Scott, I was able to quickly learn how to conduct a formal meeting. Great benefit! I highly recommend this to all my friends who want to learn real English.
Rock, a businessman from Taiwan, who needed to give an English presentation in the USA



"If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them."
George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984


“I have always been able to publish every paper you have edited for me.”
Dr. Chou Chien, Professor and Department Chair (Education Department), National Chiao-tung University