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One on One Classes

Sometimes, you...
  • want to learn by yourself, with privacy
  • go as fast as possible
  • want 100% of the teacher's time and attention
  • want a class at just the perfect time and day for you
  • want a class with a flexible curriculum to focus on what you need right at that time: writing that email, preparing that report, listening to that recording, studying for that test, editing that essay...

If this sounds like you or your child, consider a One on One class! We can arrange a One on One class just for your needs and goals:

General English: this class helps you improve your overall reading, vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills.
Writing: here you can improve your writing skills for school, work, or personal growth
Contact Scott today to find out how to get a One on One class for yourself!

Group Class v. One-on-One?

oneononeclass1Take a One-on-One class if:

  • You can study whatever you want to study at that time: writing emails, company reports, homework assignment, handling phone calls, etc.

  • Your time is less flexible

  • You like learning on your own

  • You like learning at your own speed

  • You are in a rush to improve

  • Price is less important

GirlsWritingClassTake Group class if:

  • You feel comfortable following the set class curriculum

  • Your time is flexible

  • You like learning with others

  • You like learning at the group’s speed

  • Price is more important