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Intermediate English Classes

Intermediate English is for students about age 10 and above, who have studied English for 3-4 years. Students will improve their vocabulary, listening, speaking, pronunciation, and reading skills, and learn more about US life, holidays, and geography.  By the time students finish Step 6 class, they should be reading on a USA grade 4 level.christmasstory

Classes: September 2019-June 2020/课程安排: 2019 九月-2020 六月

Step 4
Mon/Wed. 7:00-7:50 pm (ESL for Chinese speakers)
線上指導,週一 / 週三晚上7:00-7:50(以英語為第二語言的學生)


Step 5      

Tue/Fri, 8:00-8:50 pm (ESL for Chinese speakers)


線上指導,週二 / 週五晚上8:00-8:50(以英語為第二語言的學生)


Step 6  

Mon/Wed, 8:00-8:50 pm (ESL for Chinese speakers) 


線上指導,週一 / 週三晚上8:00-8:50(以英語為第二語言的學生)




我叫马修,中国名字叫宋卓卿,来自中国北京,今年9岁。为了提供英语口语的水平,我在2013年初,跟斯科特 (Scott Dreyer) 开始了每周一次在线英语的学习,口语交流能力得到很大的提高。6月份,我参加了剑桥通用五级英语证书(MSE)考试,取得了KET(Key English Test)92分的好成绩,而且听、说、读、写均获得最高成绩。 * Matthew was awarded “Pass with Distinction” on the Cambridge ESOL Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International
Matthew - Beijing Student
Matthew - Beijing Student