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Screenshot 4Group Classes 

To help our students, we keep our group classes small. Most have no more than six students, and our writing classes have no more than three. That way, our students get much of the teacher's time, personal attention, and help.

We offer online English classes for almost every English level. 

Basic English is for students about age 7 and above, for students just starting English. Students learn the ABCs, proper pronunciation, common vocabulary, and start to read in English.

Intermediate English is for students who have studied English for two or three years, and want to improve their ability to read and talk with foreigners in English.

Upper-Intermediate English is for students who have studied English for four or five years or more, and who want to prepare for high school English, college English, or move to the US or another English-speaking country.

Advanced SAT/TOEFL/IELTS classes are for students who already have a strong reading ability in English but need to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT so they can study in the US or another English\-speaking country some day.

Writing classes, from basic to advanced, help students improve their writing skills.

Group Class v. One-on-One?

GirlsWritingClassTake Group class if:

  • You feel comfortable following the set class curriculum

  • Your time is flexible

  • You like learning with others

  • You like learning at the group’s speed

  • Price is more important


oneononeclass1Take a One-on-One class if:

  • You can study whatever you want to study at that time: writing emails, company reports, homework assignment, handling phone calls, etc.

  • Your time is less flexible

  • You like learning on your own

  • You like learning at your own speed

  • You are in a rush to improve

  • Price is less important