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One-on-One Conversational English

Over the years, I have heard SO MANY Chinese people say:cometousa1

I have studied English for years and years, and spent a lot of money, but whenever I see a foreigner, all I can say is, "Hello, how are you?"

So many times adults have this problem, and their children do too!

I have heard this so often, it made me think: there must be something wrong with how English is taught. 

When you learn a foreign languge, it is helpful to learn from a native speaker. Many times, a foreign language is taught in a "fake", artificial way: only in the classroom, only from books. 

As children, we learned our native language by speaking it with our family and friends.

learningtoplayfootball1When I was in middle school, I started studying German. I loved it, and had a GREAT teacher, but my progress was still slow. At that time, I also delivered newspapers in my neighborhood, and one day a German couple moved in and started getting the newspaper. They were delighted to see that I was learning German, and they would invite me into their home to speak with them. They talked slowly and clearly, always encouraged me, and corrected me (in a nice way) when I said things wrong. When I had essays to write for the higher-level German classes, they let me bring my paper to their house and they would correct it for me, showing me how to better express myself. They gave me German newspapers, magazines, and catalogues to read. They gave my family and me advice when we planned our first vacation to Germany. I cannot describe how much they helped me. They showed me better ways to listen, speak, and write in German, but most of all, they showed me that German is a "real" language used by "real" people.

That is what wants to be for you. Your "pipeline to America." You or your child can speak with an American teacher, in the USA, each week. We provide an American environment for you, right to your home or office!

In our classes, you will not just learn to memorize boring lists of words or grammar.  You will learn to speak with an American using English, and not only learn the language, but about life in the USA too!


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A big part of speaking English is using sayings and idioms. At DreyerCoaching, you will learn common sayings like: "When life hands you lemons, made lemonade." Watch this video to find out what that means!