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Ricky is wearing the gray t-shirt below, standing right next to me in a photo we took at the International Bilingual School in Hsinchu (Taiwan) May 2019. Ricky first joined our English classes in 2010, and he KEPT GOING! He took a class EACH school year and over many summer and winter vacations too. In April 2019, he is a high school senior (grade 12), and is still a DreyerCoaching student. This is what his mom says about it:

 我會選擇Dreyer coaching的原因就是它上課的型態,轉入一般學校,要適應全中文的上課模式已經夠辛苦了,我不希望在每週二~三小時的英文課程,孩子還要在通勤、背單字、考試等之中度過,在這裡上課完全沒有這些困擾,所有聽說讀寫的能力都在不知不覺中累積,沒有壓力。也因此這麼多年來Ricky即使在升學壓力最大的時候都沒有提出要停止上課,甚至還將上英文課當成他減壓的方式。為什麼他可以持續近10年?我想如果孩子一直保有學習的熱情,並且感到自信,自然不會放棄!
        當然,支持孩子這麼多年持續學習的動力絕對是在這段時間遇到的優秀教師們及他們的協助。Mr. Dreyer, Mrs. McKinney和Mr. Woodson,謝謝你們!                                      



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