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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 00:51

"Fat man rides bike across America"

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Lots of news is about the "big items": war, the economy, politics, etc. But some news stories are called "human interest." They might be the kids who were selling lemonade but had to stop, because they did not have a business license, or the kid who grew the biggest pumpkin for the county fair. This story is one of those "human interest" stories.

Language note: The word "fat" is considered rude, and is not favorably used to describe people. More commonly-accepted words are "heavy-set, overweight, large, obese." But in this case, the man in the article uses the word "fat" to describe himself.

Eric Hites from the US State of Indiana weighed 565 pounds (about 257 kg).


Indiana Map

US State of Indiana

His wife had been a widow, and did not want the mental anguish of having another husband die. So, they were separated. In his desire to save his marriage, Hites took the drastic step to change himself by riding his bike across the US to lose weight!

Notice what Hites did NOT do:

- blame his wife
- blame or sue McDonald's or other fast food restaurants for "making him fat." (Don't laugh: some people have done this!)
- blame his parents for how they raised him
- ask the government to create some new program to help him


He took personal responsibility to solve the problem!


Hites said his weight caused him job and emotional problems, and his life had been going downhill. However, not long after he started his ride, he did accomplish one goal: his wife took him back! She saw he was willing to pay the price to improve himself and their marriage relationship.


He kicked off his bike trip in the wealthy resort of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and he plans to ride all the way across the US to the Pacific Ocean.


While riding in Connecticut, he had to stop because he broke a wheel rim, but a bike shop gave him a newer, stronger rim, for free, to help him on his way.

Source: "Fat Guy" cycling across US

His blog:

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Scott Dreyer

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