• Are you hosting or working with Chinese students?
  • Do you need help preparing for their arrival?
  • Understanding Chinese culture?
  • Troubleshooting cultural problems with students here?
  • Communicating directly with their parents in Chinese?
  • Teaching them English or other content subjects?
  • Guiding them through their SAT or TOEFL testing?
  • Solving problems with host families?


The DreyerCoaching.com Team, with some 200 years' combined teaching experience, is ready to help you and your international students! Plus, some of our teachers have lived long-term in Asia, speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, and understand the culture.


For years I've seen Chinese students come to the US...with only a first or second grade English reading level! And what's worse, many can't even carry on a conversation in English. Many can't even ask a question in English, and if they did, they wouldn't be able to understand the answer! Then we drop them into a high school class here, give them the same textbook as everyone else, and tell them to read about Jamestown or magnetism or the circulatory system or something...but they can't do it because they don't have the language skills. The result? The student, teachers, administrators, host parents, and parents back in China are FRUSTRATED.  I don't know about you, but that drives me crazy, because it's so avoidable. There IS a better way! 
Let me tell you a success story about Matthew. Matthew was a high school student in Nanjing, China. He was planning to attend a US high school, but his parents had the foresight to plan ahead. Almost one year before he came to the US, he began online English as a Second Language (ESL) classes with DreyerCoaching.com. I met him online and assessed his English level, so we assigned him a book and class just right for him. He met with his American teacher twice a week for almost a school year where he practiced conversing in English, reading American textbooks, discussing American holidays and lifestyles, etc. The result? When he arrived at his new school in Virginia the next fall, he had the English skills to make new friends, talk with his teachers, ask questions, etc. In other words, his year studying online helped him "jump-start" his adjustment process so he adapted better than many other Chinese students do. Plus, after he arrived in the US, we continued the 1 on 1 ESL classes to help him with homework and help him narrow the language gap. The goal? By the time he graduates from grade 12, we want his academic English skills to be near those of native speakers. 
We helped Matthew, his family, and his school. We want to help you too. Take the first step and contact Scott today to find out more. 


Interview with Vivian


Vivian, a student from Mainland China, attended an independent school in Virginia for all three years of high school. Here she tells her story of how her three years of tutoring with DreyerCoaching.com helped her with her reading, TOEFL, SAT, history, and overall English performance. 


Interview with Vivian - English

We can help with:


  • teaching content-area classes online, and use Chinese to explain key concepts
  • providing 1 on 1 online tutoring, during the school day or after, to students who need individualized help with reading, vocabulary, writing, speaking, listening, SAT/TOEFL, etc., also with Chinese explanations
  • helping your school prepare to receive Chinese students, or troubleshoot common problem areas that often occur in school or with host families
  • editing for school papers or college application essays
  • conducting direct conversations and problem-solving with Chinese parents, where we speak in Mandarin


With Scott Dreyer, you get a rare combination of an American Christian who is a native speaker of English, a licensed US teacher since 1987, yet who lived and taught in Taiwan for ten years and understands the culture and language. Find out more about Scott here:


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