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Monday, 12 February 2018 19:53

Episode 29 - Life Lessons from the Civil War (Part IV-Jefferson Davis)

 Episode Description:

This podcast covers the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, and his poor leadership skills.

Word for the Day: dignified (adjective) full of dignity, desires respect, attention, mannerly carriage


Listen to Episode 29 below.

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Check your listening ability.

1. What does Jefferson Davis' middle name mean? 


2. What is coincidental about Jefferson Davis' hometown?


3. What does the term "states' rights mean?" How does it relate to Jefferson Davis?


4. How was Jefferson Davis an example of American exceptionalism?


Answer Key:

1. Finus is the Latin word for finished. Davis was the youngest of ten children and this middle name was a nod from his father that he would be the last child.

2. Jefferson Davis was born only 100 miles from Abraham Lincoln's hometown.

3. The states should have more influence over their population and the federal government should have less power. Davis was a big propenent of states' rights.

4. Rather than executing Jefferson Davis immediately, he was moved from a small cell to a larger, more comfortable imprisonment. He was pardoned on Christmas Day 1868.



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Scott Dreyer

A licensed teacher in the US state of Virginia since 1987, Scott Dreyer has been helping Chinese speakers improve their English since 1989. Dreyer lived in Taiwan from 1989-1999 where he learned Mandarin, met his wife, started his family, and realized he loved working with Chinese students. He became an award-winning author and started teaching ESL online in 2008. Dreyer and his wife and their four adult children make their home in the beautiful Roanoke Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.