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Monday, 25 December 2017 14:56

Episode 23 - First Annual Christmas Message (2017)


Episode Description:

Annual Christmas Message On behalf of all the team at, Scott gives his annual Christmas message. Christmas can be a wonderful time for many people (hear Ep. 19), but it can also be sad and painful for many others (hear Ep. 21). In this episode, Scott reads an opinion piece about Christmas 1942, during one of the most horrific and dangerous phases of WW II. From the past, we can learn to take hope.

The article: Christmas in Guadalcanal

Word of the Day: yuletide (adj.) of or pertaining to Christmas

Question of the Day: What are some things you can do to keep your spirits and energy up, during the dark, cold months of winter? 

Listen to Episode 23 below:

Listen Here

Check your listening ability:

1. What does S.A.D. stand for?


2. Winter Solstice is on December ___ and is the _____________ day of the year.


3. At 4:41, how does Mr. Dreyer use the term, "cutting edge?"

A. a construction term referring to which edge of material is to be cut

B. the most advanced development of something

C. to differentiate from the dull side of a knife or blade

D. a great name for a barber shop!


4. Why was Guadacanal so important as it relates to Japan's plans for the Pacific region in World War II?


5. On what island chain is Guadacanal found?

A. Japan's archipelago

B. Hawaii

C. Caribbean

D. Solomon Islands 


6. How many people per day die from the Greatest Generation?


7. What is the difference between a blue star and a gold star hung in your window?


8. At 13:19, what does underscore mean?

A. emphasize

B. the second set of scores that are kept in a baseball game

C. repeat

D. underestimate


9. How did the future president Harry Truman enlist in the military, though he would have been rejected for having poor eyesight?


10. Why was World War II considered a total war, especially on the homefront?


1. Seasonal Affective Disorder

2. 21; shortest

3. B. the most advanced development of something

4. If they successfully built an airfield on the island, they could easily gain control of Australia and India.

5. D. Solomon Islands 

6. 3000

7. A blue star means you have a family member in active duty, fighting in the war. A gold star means a loved one was killed in action.

8. A. emphasize

9. He memorized the eye chart test as those ahead of him read it.

10. Every member of the family was involved because they had to ration certain items so it could be used on the battlefield.


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Scott Dreyer

A licensed teacher in the US state of Virginia since 1987, Scott Dreyer has been helping Chinese speakers improve their English since 1989. Dreyer lived in Taiwan from 1989-1999 where he learned Mandarin, met his wife, started his family, and realized he loved working with Chinese students. He became an award-winning author and started teaching ESL online in 2008. Dreyer and his wife and their four adult children make their home in the beautiful Roanoke Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.