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Sunday, 17 December 2017 14:55

Episode 22 - Thoughts on the Christmas Story

Episode Description: Thoughts on the Christmas Story Most people think of Santa or Christmas trees at Christmas, but do you know the Christmas story? The word “Christmas” comes from “Christ Mass,” a holy day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Listen in to a reading from two passages in the Bible that tell about the birth of Jesus: Matthew chapters 1 & 2, and Luke chapter 2.

Word of the Day: magi (noun) wise men, kings, astrologers. We get the words “magic” and “magician” from the same root.

Question of the Day: Why do you think many people begin Christmas morning by reading Luke 2, before they open their presents?

Listen to Episode 22 below.

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Check your listening ability.

1. What does S.A.D. stand for?

A. Surveyors in American Deserts

B. Sisters Against Depression

C. Salem Academy of Distinction

D. Seasonal Affective Disorder



2. What is one way to fight off S.A.D., as recommended by Dr. Karl Menninger?



3. What does it mean to reframe, as used at 4:33?

A. to rebuild your house after the foundation gives way

B. looking at things from a different point of view

C. to replace the border of a painting or picture

D. to pause a movie while it is playing



4. T/F The gospels of Mark and John recount the Christmas story.



5. How much of the fourth gospel is dedicated to tell about the final week of Jesus' life on earth?

A. 1/3 of the book

B. 1/2 of the book

C. the final three chapters

D. the last verse



6. What is Mr. Dreyer's philosophy on the date of Christmas being December 25?



7. What lesson can we learn from all the disreputable women listed in Jesus' genealogy?



8. _______________ ___________ is the most common command found in the New Testament. It is written _____ times.



9. What evidence does Mr. Dreyer read in the Christmas story that proves babies in the womb are alive and human?



10. No matter what you believe in, what is a theological statement that points to the significance of the birth of Christ?






Answer Key:

1. D. Seasonal Affective Disorder

2. Get out of your house and do something for someone in need or less fortunate than you.

3. B. looking at things from a different point of view

4. False, Matthew and Luke detail the Christmas story.

5. A. 1/3 of the book

6. December 25 is a man-made assignment for Jesus' birthday. His date of birth is not listed in the Bible. "If it's not in the Bible, it's not important for us to know."

7. God can use anyone and work through anyone to fulfill His will.

8. Fear not; 365

9. When Mary, Jesus' mother, visited Elilzabeth, Elizabeth's baby leapt for joy in her womb.

10. A.D. (anno Domini, in the year of our Lord) The common calendar began at Jesus' birth. 




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Scott Dreyer

A licensed teacher in the US state of Virginia since 1987, Scott Dreyer has been helping Chinese speakers improve their English since 1989. Dreyer lived in Taiwan from 1989-1999 where he learned Mandarin, met his wife, started his family, and realized he loved working with Chinese students. He became an award-winning author and started teaching ESL online in 2008. Dreyer and his wife and their four adult children make their home in the beautiful Roanoke Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.