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High School in the USA


Do you want to visit the USA a few weeks this summer or winter? Or, attend a USA high school, language school, or college? We can help you! 


For many years, young people have dreamed of coming to the USA to study, and now, that dream is easier to reach than ever. Many American high schools and colleges welcome foreign students, and we can help you with the process.  From helping you select the right school to handling your applications documents, we can help you make your dream come true. Study in America!


 Watch video to hear Vivian tell her story (in CHINESE) about studying in the USA.     (Hear Vivian's story in ENGLISH)

Want to study in the USA? Come as a high school student, improve your English, and make it much easier to enter a US university later! We have relationships with a number of high schools here with small class sizes, caring teachers, and friendly classmates. We can also arrange a stay with a US host family where you will learn more English and learn more about the American way of life.



Watch 45-minute video to hear a mother and her son from Beijing explain why they wanted him to attend high school in the USA and what they did to get him here. 


graduation2Housing: will arrange a safe, loving, welcoming American host family for your child to stay with. The host family will provide:
  • pick-up from and delivery to the local airport in Roanoke, Virginia, USA (airport code: ROA)
  • a bedroom with bed, desk, chair, storage areas, and at least one window (might be single or double room)
  • daily delivery to and pick-up from the school
  • ride to church and youth group events (for Christian school placement)
  • daily breakfasts and dinners on school days, and 3 meals a day on non-school days, plus snacks
  • inclusion in family events such as holidays, day trips, etc.
  • trips to shopping and school events
  • drive to medical care as needed
  • wi-fi
  • a safe, affirming, natural place to learn American English and about American culture and life!
satcamp2School: will arrange for your student to attend a safe, welcoming, fully-accredited private school. Classes are small, students wear uniforms, and student behavior is good. The study package includes daily school lunch, all books, uniforms, and sports fees. Your student will improve his or her English skills and earn high school credits toward graduation. When your child graduates from an accredited US high school, it is much easier to apply to a US university than when doing so from overseas.  While studying in the USA, your child will probably need to take the TOEFL and SAT exams. can provide extra English (ESL) classes and TOEFL and SAT help, for an additional investment.

For tuition, homestay, and ESL classes, one year’s tuition for an American high school starts at about US$25,000 and can go up to about US$39,000. Many programs charge US$ 50,000 or more for one year, so offers you significant savings!


The child's birth family will need to be responsible for:

  • airfare to and from Roanoke, Virginia USA
  • US visa and all paperwork to come to the USA
  • health/accident insurance for the entire time your child is in the USA ( will arrange the policy)
  • any medical/accident expenses incurred during the year
  • spending money for items your child wants to buy
  • paying for tests such as SAT and TOEFL (the school provides the yearly PSAT)

The student will be responsible for:

  • being willing and eager to learn English. It is hard work and takes years!
  • keeping up with school work. The work load will be easier than in China, BUT it will ALL be in English!
  • obeying the host family's rules and expectations
  • helping cleaning and house chores at the host home
  • attending daily Bible class and weekly chapel at school, and church 1-3 times a week with the host family. (Note for students attending a Christian school:  The school welcomes international students of any or no religion, but expects the students to be open-minded and respectful of the  religious lessons that the school teaches. Even if the student does not believe in the Christian religion, attending services will help his or her English listening ability, and understanding more about the Bible will help him or her understand more about English literature, American history, and American culture.)
Interview with Vivian - English
Interview with Vivian - Chinese

************* is pleased to partner with these fine schools and educational organizations:

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