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Applying to University

You’re only young once, your future is calling, and the stakes are high.  High School. SAT®. TOEFL®. College. These are important steps in life, and it’s only natural to feel nervous, maybe even scared. However, is here to help you. Scott Dreyer served as college adviser at the National Experimental High School in the Hsinchu Science Park, and he has been helping college-bound students achieve their dreams for over 25 years. Our classes can help you learn the vocabulary, writing, reading, and grammar skills to do well on the SAT® or TOEFL®, plus be more successful and confident in your normal middle school or high school classes because of your stronger skills and habit of working with an American teacher week by week.

你只年轻一次,未来正呼唤着你然而变数很大。高中、SAT®、TOEFL®、大学,在生命中每一个阶段都是重要的,感到紧张在所难免,也许害怕。但是DreyerCoaching.com将在这里帮助你。Scott Dreyer老师曾担任国立新竹科学工业园区实验高级中学升学辅导老师,25年來他幫助了許多升大學的學子們達成夢想。 我们的课程能帮助你学习英文单字、作文、阅读以及文法让你在 SAT®和TOEFL®考试中表现出色。透过每星期和美国老师学习而加强技能和读书习惯将让你在日常国、高中课堂上更加成功、有自信。

We even offer vacation Homestays in the US or chances to attend and graduate from a US high school. When it comes time to go to college, we can help you select a school and guide you through the application process.   Over the years we have helped students gain acceptance to Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, all the UC schools, the University of Virginia, William and Mary, and other outstanding schools. Put us to work helping to coach you today.


Do you want to study in the USA, but you do not know much English? Or, you do not have a good TOEFL® score yet?  No problem! We partner with the English Language Institute (ELI) of Liberty University, and they require NO TOEFL® score. They will assess your English skill level when you arrive, and place you in classes in one of four levels. When you reach the highest level, 4, you can also take university classes at no extra charge, and then enroll directly in Liberty University without having taken any TOEFL®. Through our partnership, you can enroll at ELI with NO application fee, and we can help you arrange airport pick-up service and a trip to a store for you to buy the items you need for your dormitory room!  Email us today for more details!


Scott Dreyer has been helping Chinese students gain acceptance into US and other universities since 1989. From 1993-1997, he was the college adviser at the National Experimental High School Bilingual Department, where he helped all the students in grades 10-12 plan on entering college, mostly in the USA. Here is a partial list of schools that Dreyer has helped students gain entrance to:

1. Amherst College

2. Art Institute of New York City

3. Boston College

4. Brown University

5. Carnegie Mellon University

6. College of William and Mary

7. Columbia University

8. Cornell University

9. Dartmouth College

10. Duke University

11. Emory University

12. George Mason University

13. Georgetown University

14. Georgia Institute of Technology

15. Hampden-Sydney College

16. James Madison University

17. Johns Hopkins University

18. Liberty University

19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

20. McGill University (Canada)

21. Northwestern University

22. Ohio State University

23. Pennsylvania State University

24. Purdue University

25. Rice University

26. Roanoke College

27. Rochester Institute of Technology

28. Rutgers University

29. Savannah College of Art and Design

30. Shenandoah University

31. Stanford University

32. State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo

33. Syracuse University

34. Texas A&M

35. Tufts University

36. University of British Columbia (Canada)

37. University of California: Berkeley

38. University of California: Davis

39. University of California: Irvine

40. University of California: Los Angeles

41. University of California: San Diego

42. University of California: Santa Barbara

43. University of Cincinnati

44. University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign

45. University of Maryland: College Park

46. University of Michigan: Ann Arbor

47. University of Oregon

48. University of Richmond

49. University of Southern California

50. University of Texas: Austin

51. University of Virginia

52. University of Washington

53. University of Wisconsin: Madison

54. Vanderbilt University

55. Virginia Commonwealth University

56. Virginia Military Institute

57. Virginia Tech (architecture program)

58. Washington and Lee University

59. Washington University in St. Louis

60. Yale University

Dear Mr. Dreyer, Everything is great! Sure! I got accepted in University of British Columbia, Texas A&M, UC IRVINE, UC SANTA BARBARA, UC DAVIS, UC SAN DIEGO, UWASHINGTON. I'm going to UWashington! Thank you for helping me!
Melody - in Taiwan