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We know you have many choices about where to learn English. Here are three reasons to choose us.

  • Small Class Sizes: So many language schools have large classes, where students do not get much individual attention or teaching. But at, we offer small classes. Most of our classes are limited to six students, and our writing classes are limited to only three! This way, you or your child get the individual attention and help you need and deserve. In addition to small-group classes, we also offer 1 on 1 classes, where you get 100% of the teacher's time and attention. 
  • Professional Teachers: At many "cram schools," some teachers are young with little or no teaching experience. But at, all our teachers are experienced, veteran teachers: our team has over 150 years combined teaching experience! And most have master's degrees.
  • Learn American English: Ever since I went to Taiwan in 1989, I have met people who told me "I have studied English for years, but whenever I meet a foreigner, the only thing I can say is 'Hello, how are you? I am fine.'" That shows me, students need to learn REAL English from REAL native speakers. When you learn a foreign language, you want to be able to speak easily with foreigners. At, ALL our teachers are native speakers of American English, so you get to learn how to listen to their accents, understand what they say, and speak with them using a clear American accent. Plus, not only will you learn English, you will also learn about "life in the USA." You will learn about some US geography, history, holidays, and lifestyles.
您好。去年我在德雷尔网络语言学校(学英语,对我的英文有很大的帮助。并且是安全又省时,不出门就可以学到标准的当地英文,让我很容易就能和外国人交谈。之前我在台湾学校,中国英文老师的发音不正确,让我很烦恼。自从在网络学习后,是我很轻松地上英文课。Hello. Last year I learned English with the online school, and it helped my English very much. Plus it is safe and it saves time, because you don't have to leave home to learn standard local English, so this makes it easy to talk to foreigners. I used to study in Taiwan schools, and the Chinese teachers who taught English had inaccurate pronunciation, and that really bothered me. Ever since I learned online, I have been very relaxed in my English classes.
Student from Taiwan


Traditional "Cram School"


X  huge classes

X  little individual attention

X  unknown teacher experience or quality

X  teachers might change often

X  teachers' English might have flaws or heavy accent

X  most of the teaching is done in Chinese

X  Chinese textbooks

X  parent cannot watch class

X  student must drive out to class--wastes time and gas

X  family in a hurry to drive student to class

X  student must be in school--if you travel, you miss class

X  passive learning

X focus on memorization & tests (online)


check  small classes, most fewer than 6 students

check  teacher gives much individual attention

check  professional, experienced teachers

check  teachers seldom change or switch

check  teachers' English is excellent and a native language

check  most or all of the teaching is done in English

check  American textbooks (100% English)

check  parent can observe the teaching anytime

check  student can take class at home--saves time and gas

check  family can relax because class comes to your home or office

check  student takes online class at home or office--if you travel, join class from your hotel, etc.

check  active learning

check  focus on learning, understanding, & confidence


  • Dear Mr. Dreyer, Everything is great!  I got accepted at the University of British Columbia, Texas A&M, UC IRVINE, UC SANTA BARBARA, UC DAVIS, UC SAN DIEGO, and UWASHINGTON. I'm going to UWashington! Thank you for helping me!
    --Melody, in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • All my papers edited by you have been accepted for publication in international journals.
    --Dr. Kuu-Young Young, National Chiao-tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Mr. Scott Dreyer’s English enhancement classes are great! His classes are excellent not only for young beginners who wish to excel in daily school life but also for high school kids who are going to soar on the SAT tests! Both of my kids learned a lot from him, like how to use the right vocabulary words, speak in public with confidence, develop writing skills, etc. He is a wonderful teacher.
    --Dr. Pei-Yao Wu, in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  •  It was a fun moment for me to think about how some of the lessons I learned TEN YEARS AGO now in our high school classroom have helped me become a great teacher. I wanted to be sure I shared that with you, and let you know that you're still having amazing impacts on many of us!
    --former student, now a professor in Indiana