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Dreyer Coaching Vision and MissionMission Statement

Dreyer Academy LLC exists to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone associated with it, to teach language skills with excellence, to help empower people to make their dreams come true, and to glorify God.

Core Values

  • Excellence—we seek for excellence in all we say, do, and teach
  • Honesty—we seek to be honest in all our teaching, communications, and business dealings
  • Respect—we seek to model respect in all our encounters with all our stakeholders: students, their families, our teachers, and all our partners
  • Value—we seek to see the value in each person we encounter, and add value to each person through each of our encounters
  • The Golden Rule: we seek to live by it, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Company Vision

To create a global chain that makes a positive impact in the lives of all stakeholders: students, their families, teachers, and partners, one that empowers people to be able to use English to communicate comfortably and confidently with others.